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Second-generation diamond purveyors with over 16 years of experience in Canada, the Brilliant C team are an impassioned and integral part of the global diamond industry. As a token of its gratitude for what Canada represents and has given to the team, Brilliant C has given back to the community and is a founding member of the Diamond Bourse of Canada. A central commodity exchange facility and a network, the Diamond Bourse has a history of providing the diamond industry with unique, industry-specific services that has continually enhanced the commercial landscape and customer experience.

Empowered with a deep understanding for customer wants and needs based on extensive experience in each area of the supply chain, Brilliant C is proud to be at the forefront of the diamond industry, disrupting the old model and ushering in an uncompromising new era of service innovation. Brilliant C understands that a diamond purchase is one of life's special moments. By being on the leading edge of diamond viewing technology, its customers can fully inspect their gem with unparalleled convenience and confidence.

Entrenched in tradition with a steadfast view on technology breakthroughs, the Brilliant C team are breaking barriers in online purchasing, allowing its customers new and innovative ways to compete with large-scale internet suppliers.

3D magnified diamond views

State-of-the-art, high-definition panorama diamond viewing technology puts the world of diamonds directly in front of you, instantly.

3D magnified diamond views

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Brilliant C offers the world standard in ordering efficiency.

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