Close more sales

Walk a customer through the 4Cs, using high-definition, 360-degree panorama diamond inspection technology. Save their selections and contact information and if they can't make it to your store, email their selections to them. They'll also be able to insure their purchase with confidence by sending a video of the diamond to their insurance company.

That's not only great service, it's an easy, fast way to finalize a sale.

Quick quality assessments

Quick quality assessments. You don't get a sample photo—you get the actual diamond. That means no compromising on the selection process, no surprises and no need to ship multiple stones, saving money on shipping and insurance.

Large inventory and streamlined stone selection

Our inventory is your inventory. Continuously updated, you'll always see what's available and so will your customers.

And with on-the-spot diamond inventory access and inspection abilities, buying and selling diamonds has never been faster or simpler. Call up the SKU, price, and diamond certification in a single transaction without waiting on third-party vendor information.

Bring more traffic to your store

What once took weeks to facilitate now takes an instant with user-friendly, state-of-the-art 3D magnifying diamond inspection.

With tools to complement your sales force, your customers will easily search our global selection of stones to find the diamond of their dreams—without undue delay.