Find Diamonds

Our inventory is your inventory. Conflict-free and viewable on any device, anytime, you'll always know what diamonds in our global inventory are available.

Searching is easy, too. You set the parameters, and can search by shape, carat weight, colour, clarity and cut, educating your customer as you help them find their perfect diamond.

That's great service. And it's an easy, fast way to guarantee an increase in sales.

Inspect Diamonds

Inspect diamonds beyond the certificate with a high-resolution, 360-degree video of the actual diamond—not a sample photo.

That means no compromising on the selection process, no surprises and no need to ship multiple stones, saving you money, time and headaches.

Compare Diamonds

3D magnifying diamond inspection technology allows you to compare diamonds side-by-side and instantly access all certificates from major diamond accreditors. You can build the ideal collection for your customer—good, better, best—putting more power in their hands and letting them have the final word at the point of sale.

Bookmark favourites and write notes, then save all the information and order it at the end of the day, leaving you free to concentrate on your customers during sales hours.

Promote Diamonds

With, you can compare stones, establish price, shape, colour, cut, and weight, allowing your customers to get their diamond without multiple store visits. That means they don't have to take time off work or rearrange their life.

Build a custom collection of stones for a prospect or regular customer, giving it a unique title: "John Smith's Anniversary Collection."

Then, email the hand-selected diamond collection to the customer, with or without the cost, so they can review and order.

That's great, thoughtful service. It's also an easy, fast way to guarantee an increase in sales.

Sell Diamonds

Close the sale without your customer having to come back in three days. If your customer doesn't convert immediately, capture their data to keep on-hand for follow-up.

Plus, by training your employees on how to use, you'll empower them to close more sales.

Order Diamonds

Time is money. With, you can track your purchases in one place, print and review your orders in your back office, and keep an eye on transactions in real time.

Request one or more diamonds to be sent for purchase or final consideration, enjoy real-time inventory updates, transparent order tracking, and record and review all orders and transaction by your staff.